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Our Story

Blue Dog Bistro is a brand new restaurant concept founded by Joshua Lord in Ocean Springs, MS. Blue Dog Bistro is inspired by Joshua Lord’s passion for fresh food and love for animals. We use nothing but fresh, local ingredients to give our guests the best food, and service, and combined with our rustic/industrial-modern ambiance we can impress our guests on every visit.

Blue Dog Bistro was founded on the owner, Joshua, and his wife, Amber Lord’s love for the dog breed Blue Staffordshire Terrier, but specifically their late dog Blue Bell.  Blue Bell lost her battle with nasal cancer after 8 months. Blue Bell was already a survivor of Breast Cancer and multiple ACL/MCL Reconstructions. Her will to live and fight for her loved ones has truly inspired Joshua and Amber both.  Blue Bell will be missed but remembered through this concept on a daily basis.  

Outside of Blue Bell and the Blue Staffordshire Terrier, Joshua and Amber love great food.  They have traveled the country and the world trying delicious, fresh, innovative food, and have used their experiences in the design and theme of the Blue Dog Bistro menu.

Not only have these dining experiences shaped Joshua and Amber’s brand, but also the health consciousness of having family members with both Celiac, Gluten allergy, and/or Crohn’s Disease, a chronic inflammatory intestinal disease. After dealing with family members with both diseases, Joshua and Amber have both become more aware of the growing need for restaurants to help promote healthy eating, specifically for people who suffer from such illnesses.    


Blue Dog Bistro is the first vegan, keto, paleo, and gluten-free friendly restaurant on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We are inspired by the growing desire to eat healthily, and we believe that by creating a unique menu with a delicious variety of nutritious options we can promote a wholesome way of living. Our goal is to motivate the community to live a healthier, cleaner lifestyle.

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